The Company
Our Company
N. Gavriel & Sons Ltd is a family owned dynamic Constructing Company with multiple activities. It undertakes constructions for simple or complex Building and Technical Tasks, for the Public, semi-Governmental and Private Sector, as well as proprietary works of land and property development.

The long-term skills of the Company's founder of more than 40 years, has successfully been transferred into the new generation. The new administration of the Company has combined the academic knowledge with the skills that are of high importance in today's extremely competitive environment upgrading the Company's organizational structure, has broadened gradually the work cycle of the Company, thus providing the dynamics to continue the successful upward operation of the Company.

Throughout the ages, the Company has undertaken and successfully completed important Construction Works of the Public Sector such as for the Public Works Department, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Electricity Authority (E.A.C.), the Sewerage Board of Nicosia, the Nicosia Municipality and the Cyprus Sports Organization (C.S.O.).

N. Gavriel & Sons Ltd is a registered member of the Council for Registration and Control of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors 'Class A' (highest ranking) for both Constructing and Technical Works. It has all the necessary collaterals, fully trained scientific and laboring/employee staff and quality machinery to construct Works in spite of their size or complexity. Strategic collaborations have been assembled, aiming at fulfilling Works with specific requirements. The Company participates in the contests for the most important Works of the Public and semi-Public sector, without omitting to compete for smaller in budget Works.

Quality Guarantee
N. Gavriel & Sons Ltd, foreseeing in time the current demands of the development of the foreign and domestic market, applied and attested in February 2011 a Quality Assurance System according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, aiming at fortifying its role in the Constructing Sector as well as to broaden even more its market's new horizons.

The Vision
Our main target is to positively contribute in the Construction of buildings and services in Cyprus with high standards, offering our clients, both of the Public and semi-Public Sector as well as the residence, apartment and property buyers the satisfaction that the finished product will be created according to the Laws & Regulations that rule Cyprus's Constructing Industry, including the European Guidelines.

Our long-standing strategy is to transfer to the latter generations of owners and managers an economically independent, able-bodied and well-respected Company, leaning on the excellent knowledge of the practices of the Construction Industry, on the industriousness, straightforwardness, dignity and reliability that the Company has obtained up to today.

In order to succeed our vision, we are required to affirm daily through our Works that our own success is the success of our clients.

The Values
The top quality of our constructions and the fulfillment of Works within the time limits and pre-agreed budget of each Contract, are the main presuppositions to which our Company relies its successful presence in Cyprus's Constructing Industry. We are very sensitive as to the quality of our constructions, seeing as we exclusively use the materials that are referred to in the instructions.

. Industriousness
. Straightforwardness
. Dignity
. Reliability
. Collaboration

These are nonnegotiable values.

Our Staff
Given that we consider each person to be of uttermost importance, we deem our staff as our most valuable asset. The philosophy of our company is to provide our workers with the spirit of teamwork and meritocracy as well as with the feeling of security for permanent work through continuous training, hence attaining the Company's goals through the utter personal goals of its workers.

Today, the company employs over 200 people, including the scientific and technical staff.

Stelios Gavriel
Managing Director