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Our policies
Quality Policy

In today's business environment, where market demands increase daily and competition intensifies due to various reasons it is evident that quality management is a competitive factor that plays a key role in the predominance of a given product or service in the marketplace.

In recent years, continuous investments in cutting-edge technology have created a dynamically growing market in which Gavriel actively involved, meeting all current requirements based on its experience and versatile presence in the construction sector. Achieving cost-efficiency, combined with successful scheduling and effective project management is the main challenge Gavriel faces in offering high quality services.

All of us, the Board, the management and the employees, are confident that high quality is achieved through the continuous efforts of each and every employee on a daily basis, firmly and consistently adhering to the following strategies:

  • Full compliance with and continuous improvement of the Company's quality assurance system
  • Constant communication with our customers
  • Working closely with our subcontractors and suppliers to jointly take measures that improve project quality
  • Optimum task - assignment and duty - allocation among our staff
  • Providing the required resources
  • Continuous personnel training
  • Appropriate project planning

Continuous quality control during all project phases, from receiving raw materials to project completion and delivery.

Gavriel, foreseeing in time the current demands of the development of the foreign and domestic market, applied and attested a Quality Management System,
According to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, aiming at fortifying its role in the Constructing Sector as well as to broaden even more its market's new horizons.

Health & Safety Policy

We believe that human resources play a crucial role in the continuous growth of our business. Thus, the provision for the Health and Safety of all employees is at the forefront of Gavriel's philosophy and corporate business policy.

In this context, Gavriel has adapted its Health and Safety Policy, according to the company's thorough structure and organization, to reflect all the operational rules established to apply best practice with main aim to:

  • Integrate health and safety at all levels of administrative operation and decision-making process, throughout the company's hierarchy.
  • Constantly inform and train our labour force on Health and Safety matters, enabling employees to play an active role in the effort of prevention and protection.
  • Evaluate and control hazards through the appropriate assessment of occupational risks and the suitable protection measures taken.
  • Promote constant improvement of the work environment, as well as the safeguarding of our own resources and third parties' assets at the work areas where Gavriel is active.

In support of this strategy, Gavriel has instigated a Certified Health and Safety Management System - in line with OHSAS 18001 standard - that provides the appropriate framework under which all procedures established for monitoring and assessing Health and Safety aspects could contribute to successfully prevent labour accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, as well as to ensure collective and integrated protection.

We are committed in setting the industry standards for Health and Safety matters by making sure we are constantly informed on the current National and European legislation and on all other normative requirements and international practices.

Environmental Policy

Gavriel is fully committed to the prevention of pollution, protecting and minimizing the effects of operations on the Environment. To achieve this Company has developed a management system which is verified by the Law of 2011 N.185 (I) / 2011 of the Ministry of Interior, which has create the Department of Solid Waste Management which is externally accredited to the ISO 14001:2004.

The system is designed to enhance environmental management and achieve continual improvement in the following areas:

  • Maintain its accreditation of the Environmental Management System to ISO 14001:2004.
  • Assess the environmental impact of proposed construction works before and on award of contract.
  • Implement environmental planning, control and monitoring of all activities which recognizes and respects the physical, economic and social environments of all the communities in which we operate.
  • Using resources such as energy, water and raw material efficiently and taking opportunities to minimize waste through re-use and recycling.
  • Working closely with customers, partners, designers, consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors and, where appropriate, members of the community to develop good environmental practices and solutions.
  • Liaise and co-operate with the appropriate enforcing authorities on environmental issues and comply with all relevant legislation. We will seek to continually improve performance and compliance with legislation will be our minimum standard.
  • Ensuring timely response to complaints from third parties and the reporting of incidents and accidents.
  • Publish and maintain an organization and arrangements for the planning, control, monitoring and review of our management of environmental performance. Suitable training will be provided to enable employees to carry out their allocated duties
  • Produce an action plan which sets out specific objectives for the current year, monitoring and reviewing, and updating these plans on an annual basis.
  • Make the contents of this policy available to customers and the public.
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